Introduction to Aromatherapy

Discover the therapeutic effects of essentials oils with our EcoSpa founder, Kirsty Kianifard.

This workshop is designed to give you an insight into the uses and discover the delights of Aromatherapy. It will give you the basic skills required to begin using essential oils for personal use and in the home, as well as giving you the freedom to create your own personalised and fragrant skin, bath and body care.

It includes information on the pharmacological properties of carrier oils and essential oils and how they can be used and applied to assist with a variety of conditions.

This workshop is for beginners – no previous experience is required to attend and you will receive a certificate of attendance.

On this course you will learn:
  • The history of Aromatherapy
  • How essential oils work and their effect on the systems of the body
  • The uses of carrier oils and essential oils
  • How essentials oils are blended and diluted
  • Methods of use and safety information
  • Blending to treat various conditions e.g.
    • Circulatory and Muscular conditions – palpitations, high blood pressure, tired and aching muscles and stiffness.
    • Respiratory conditions – Colds, flu, sore throat, cough, sinusitis
    • Skin Problems – Acne, eczema, acne, burns, cuts, bruises, bites and stings, oily/dry skin
    • Digestive System – Spasm, pain, indigestion, nausea
    • Nervous system – Insomnia, fatigue, stress, nervous tension, anxiety, mood swings
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What is Aromatherapy?

The word ‘Aroma’ means a fragrance or sweet smell, the word ‘therapy’ means a treatment designed to heal.

Aromatherapy is the use of oils found in plants, flowers and trees. The essential oils are used to maintain health, increase vitality and promote a feeling of well–being. They are considered to be the ‘hormones’, ‘life force’ or ‘soul’ of the plant. Essential oils interact with our bodies in three different ways, pharmacologically, physiologically and psychologically and have been used for thousands of years in incense and perfumes, religious ceremonies and for medical and culinary purposes. Today they are used extensively in the cosmetic and food industry,both for their aromas and as flavouring. Essential oils have many therapeutic properties which can assist the body with a variety of ailments as they are readily absorbed through the skin, where their biological and pharmacological compounds can affect the body. Used correctly, they can help with many common ailments and reduce the need for taking pain killers and other over the counter medicines.

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils from raw plant material, including seeds, bark, leaves, wood, roots, fruit and peel. They are highly volatile and must be used with care and ALWAYS diluted.

What should I bring?

Hand outs will be given which you can write notes on, or you may prefer to bring a notebook. There is a possibility of spillage, so dark clothing is always a good idea (or something you don’t mind getting oil on). The workshop will be conducted at the EcoSpa so clothes and footwear should be comfortable. Hot and cold refreshments will be provided throughout the duration of the course.

Your instructor

Click here to find out more about Kirsty Kianifard

Next workshop:

Workshops are by appointment and the running time is approximately 4 hours.

Max class size: 5
Price: £65 per person

(includes work book, 100ml of your bespoke oil blend, and a laminated card of common blends. Essential oils, blending guides, oil burners etc. are also available for purchase on the day)

To book:

Contact our reception on or call 01273 726973.


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