Mens Massage Treatments

Hands Team

45 mins – £52

Ideal for hardworking hands that feel dry, rough and unsightly, this treatment includes an organic hand scrub, hand mask, hand-and-arm massage and nail work to tidy and rehydrate.


45 mins – £65

Perfect for tired legs and feet and good for pairing with ‘Hands Team’. This treatment includes a mineral salt foot soak, foot scrub, foot mask, foot and leg massage and nail work to rejuvenate those tired and aching limbs.

Uniquely Organic Massage, Hove

Defensive Back

1 hr – £79

Problems with backache and skin congestion? Defensive Back gives you added protection against injury and skin blemishes. This back treatment includes an organic scrub, organic mask, scalp massage and a deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage.

Champion Facial

1 hr – £79

Great for reducing the signs of ageing, restoring moisture and to get a deep cleanse. This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, mask, head massage and a powerful combination of organic skincare products.

Quarterback Facial

30 mins – £55

When time is short, this facial gives the skin a quick boost of hydration and includesa cleanse, exfoliation and mask.


2 hr 15 mins – £157

When life has become a bit too full-on, take a timeout. With an organic back scrub, full body deep tissue massage and Champion facial, this package will leave you ready to take on the world again.

Extra Points

Add hot stones to the Defensive Back, Champion Facial, Quarterback Facial or Timeout treatments for £16.

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