Make-up & Hypnotherapy

Make-up Services:

Make-up Lessons

  • 1-1 Bespoke Make-up Lesson and Makeover 2 hours: £130
  • Group Make-up Lessons and Workshops

    Option 1: Contact me to arrange a group Make-up Lesson with friends or family
    Option 2: Check the next dates advertised to join a Group Make-up Lesson

Bridal Make-up:

  • Make-up Trial: £ 100
  • Wedding Day: Bride Make-up (in salon): £100

    extra guests (in salon): £65
    At a venue: inquire for prices

C'est Magnifique make up


  • I work with women who have bad habits that are holding them back from the life they desire, challenges such as confidence issues, smoking, eating addictions, anxiety or fears and Phobias. I support them to regain control, drop the bad habits and feel free again so that they can be happy, healthy and achieving a life they love.
  • Each session is bespoke to you, and I use a mixture of techniques to get to the root of the problem and breaking free from it.

Hypnotherapy packages

Call to arrange a complementary Clarity call where we can discuss how I can help you.

Make-up & Hypnotherapy Package

  • 1 Day Intensive’ Inside Out Confident Visibility (6 hours)

    Am: Full Bespoke Make-up Lesson + Camera & Visibility tips and Advice
    Pm: Hypnotherapy session to break any limiting beliefs such as performance or confidence issues + Mindset tips and advice

Does your business or activity requires you to be more visible or filmed?

I work with entrepreneurial women who want to be more visible but are worried about the public face of their business and how they look on camera. I help them build their confidence from the inside out, look and feel great behind the camera and project a polished and professional image so they can show up, shine and be more visible. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and break free from limiting beliefs this intensive day is for you.

Special Offer Launch Price:
£50 off all packages
Stephanie Galissian


Stephanie has been an established Make-up Artist for 20 years, working in London and internationally. She started in Fashion and Beauty magazine industries, then specializing in 1-1 appointments getting her clients ready to attend prestigious events such as Award ceremonies, Royal Events, Film Premieres and so on. She is also a specialist in Bridal Make-up work and teaches women how to achieve their make-up easily and naturally to look their best at any age. Through her career, Stephanie has worked with thousands of women, and therefore highly experienced in all skin tones and age groups, which she enjoys enormously.

She helps women to feel more confident about themselves and it was an evidence that she could help women further with their inner issues so she later qualified as a Hypnotherapist. She has found her true mission in helping women to feel better inside out. Through her therapeutic work, Stephanie can help you breaking free from old habits and thinking patterns that keep you stuck from moving forward.

Stephanie has a kind, gentle and friendly nature and all sessions are tailored to the person.

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